Memories of the violent and fantastic reverberate as characters plucked from Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre feedback onto themselves.

Artists note:
At the tender age of seven, I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When re-watching the film in my 20s it occurred to me that I did not remember one single act of violence from my first watch. However, images from several moments just before major violent events had been suspended, prolonged perhaps in an act of subconscious self-defense. This began my examination of how memory works with both violence and video.

Texas Summer was 4 years in the making and with it I attempt to represent the images that lasted through 20 years of dreams and memories after my first watching of Hooper’s ultra-violent classic.

concept and edit … Ryan B. Wylie
music composed by … Mitchell T. Hill
sound design and mix by … Ben Viguerie

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