The project was made using Soundminer v4Pro and Pro Tools 9. Tons of automation of all types, tons of audio slicing, cutting, copying, reversing…editing in general!.
I made it working with the provided sound fx, first slicing and processing with Waves Sound Design Suite on Soundminer to make Pro Tools 9 work a little bit less. I kept Pro Tools for mixing, automation and some processing (reversing stuff, for example).
My idea and my intention in all this, was to use dynamics as the main effect, to get a full impact on it. I worked specially on low frequencies to keep tension during some parts of the video designing ambiences specifically for it.
Here you can find some explanations about the processing on each track used on the project.

.-TRACK1 -RACETRACKPASCRAMBL: Linear Phase EQ Hi-pass filter and cut in hi freq as a "telephone" effect.

.-TRACK2 -RACETRACKPASCRAMBL: processed in Soundminer changing pitch with Waves Soundshifter and Hi-Pass filter with Waves Linear Phase EQ.

.-TRACK3 - RACETRACKPASCRAMBL: it´s exactly the same as the 2nd but just leaving some parts and reversed using Pro Tools AudioSuite.

.-TRACK4 - RACETRACKPASCRAMBL: the same as track 2 but pitch changed using Waves Soundshifter, leaving some parts reversed and some parts not-reversed.

.-TRACK5 - RACETRACKPASCRAMBL: i did the same proccess but with different pitch than TRACK4 and different parts of the audio file.

.-TRACK6 - AFX_CROWD_CHEER: just used this file doing a low-pass filter using Waves Linear Phase EQ and looping it to have more avaiable walla sound.

.-TRACK7 - FIRESMALLFIRECRACKLING: processed with ultra-low pitch in Soundminer, and with Waves R-Bass to have a droning low freq. effect.

.-TRACK8 - GNATBYLOWFASTCRUIS: the same as TRACK7 but with different pitch and with different freq. using Waves R-Bass to get a low freq. woos.

.-TRACK9 - SCCARACINGINTRACE: hi-pass filter with Waves Q-10 Paragraphic EQ.

.-TRACK10 - FLASHBULBPOPSWGLASS: hi-pass filter with Waves Q-10 Paragraphic EQ.

.-TRACK11 - FLASHBULBPOPSWGLASS: the same as TRACK10 but using some parts reversed.

.-TRACK12 - FLASHBULBPOPSWGLASS: pitch changed with Waves UltraPitch and just getting some parts of the file.

.--TRACK13 - ICECRACKLINGSQUEALI: hi-pass with Waves Q-10 Paragraphic EQ.

.-TRACK14 - WOOSHFEMALE: ultra low-pitch using Waves Ultra Pitch and Waves R-Bass to enhance low frequencies.

.-TRACK15 - SCCARACINGINTRACE: ultra low-pitch using Waves Ultra Pitch and low pass filter to have a droning bass freq. effect.

.-TRACK16 - CRUSHMETALAUT: hi-pass filter using Waves Q-10 Paragraphic EQ.

.-TRACK17 - METALIMPACTSCRAPE: ultra low pitch with Soundminer´s pitch and low freq. enhancing with Waves R-Bass.

.-TRACK18 - BULLETIMPACTWOOD: just as it came.


.-TRACK20 - HEARTBEAT: hi-pass filter with Waves Linear Phase EQ.

.-TRACK21 - MANSNORINGWLONGSN: ultra hi-pitch using Waves Ultra Pitch. Just some parts of the file, reversing others and with different fades and cross-fades.

TRACK22 - CRUSHMETALAUT: low pitched with Waves Ultra Pitch, modified with Morphoder to make strange harmonics, and processed with a short H-Delay with tons of feedback.


-FX RETURN 1: H-Delay for tracks 1 and 13.
-FX RETURN 2: Pro Tools native reverb for tracks 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

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