Mart 571E: S11 Cinematography
Moving vs. Still
Professor: Jennifer Tarr

Objective: Explore the implications and use of camera movement by comparing different visual approaches to the same scene.

Due: Tuesday February 15th
Originating Format: Shoot on HVX200
Output: Upload to Vimeo
Length: Justified by the needs of the scene
Points: 10

You will create this project in teams of 3. Below there is a description of 4 scenes that take place in McMaster, you will be assigned one scene and you must submit 2 versions of your scene. One will consist of a single long take. The second will be the same scene with at least 3 distinct edited shots.

The Long Take: Your characters will move through the space and must enter and exit the scene in different locations. Use camera movement judiciously to reframe, show details and highlight the dramatic action of the scene. You may use hand held camera techniques with or without a camera support, one of the 2 dollys, the steadycam or any other non‐standard moving camera support you can think of (as long as the camera’s safety is not at risk).

Edited Scene: Shoot the scene with similar blocking and dramatic action (don’t change it drastically). Each shot should be locked down on a tripod. No camera movement what so ever. Use camera and actor blocking, framing and editing to show detail, determine pacing and highlight the dramatic action. Each scene stipulates 2 characters, you may add more if you wish, but must have the 2. Each is placed in a particular area of McMaster, you must shoot in this space, no changes in
the location. Each scene stipulates an interchange between the 2 characters, the tone and meaning of this interchange is up to you, but do not change the actual directed action. Each scene stipulates that the character has some flowers, this can be any kind, but do not substitute another object. Begin your scene before the first character enters and after they
leave the space (clear the frame before ending). You must have some audio design (copyright cleared).

Grading will be based on the following:

o Adherence to the project requirements – uploaded on time, in proper format with title card.

o Thoughtful use of camera movement; motivated and lead by the dramatic action and movement of characters.

o Well‐composed framing, leading the viewer’s eye to the important action.

o Visual variation in framing and composition over the length of the scene.

o Well executed; fluid camera motion and justifiable exposure and focus choices.

o Considered and designed mise‐en‐scene (costumes, props, set dressing).

Scene 1: Media Arts Wing Stairwell
• 2 characters, Chris enters the outside door carrying flowers.
• Alex may or may not be already present.
• Chris hands the flowers to Alex.
• Chris leaves by way of the third floor doorway.

Scene 2: McMaster Courtyard
• 2 characters, Chris, carrying flowers, enters the courtyard from one of the downstairs glass doors.
• Jordan is either there or shortly after enters from another direction.
• Chris, clearly not wanting to be seen successfully avoids Jordan and re‐enters the building through another door.

Scene 3: Media Arts Labs Hallway
• 2 characters, Chris enters one end of the hallway, carrying flowers.
• Cameron entering from any direction or doorway approaches Chris.
• Chris interacts with Cameron, but successfully hides the flowers from Cameron’s sight.
• Both exit in different directions.

Scene 4: Loading Dock
• 2 characters, Chris enters the loading dock from the building carrying flowers.
• Blake approaches.
• Blake takes/steals the flowers from Chris and leaves by way of the parking lot.
• Chris reacts in some appropriate way.

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