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Hello World!
WiLaBe is my nick-name meaning; the will to be what one wants to be when one blossoms into whom one is born to be ... a Wanna-Bee! 'William and the Wanna-Bee's'. I wrote and illustrated and self-published my very first activity, children's book: What Do You Wanna-Bee?! Please Google everything WiLaBe and visit my INSTAGRAM page 1WILABE or tweet me at TWITTER @wilabe ... I'll see you here, there, and everywhere!
Basically, I am an author, an actor, a barber to name a few, and want to give others a certain BUZZ of inspiration through my self-made video's and photo images. And yes, Madonna inspires everything I've done and do.
My mission, my passion, my vision, and my over all ambition, is to entertain while inspiring others, especially children to be and become their best at whom-ever and what-ever they want to be... GAY-STRAIGHT-Bi Sexual and Transgender.
My video's are expressions of who I am and aspire to be. I believe in KARMA for I love to give and I hope to receive all kinds of good things. I am interested in Animals, Human Rights, Children, Madonna's Art For Freedom, Freedom Fighters For Unity, Ray Of Light Foundation, LGBT community, and defending great causes and want to be more effective while doing my best-indirectly. Please hash tag any of the above, and you will be amazed at what you will learn and discover. #wilabe #madonna #defendparis #defendcoexist #FFFU
Please stay tuned for more information-2BEeContinued
William Wilabe Richer

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