There have been more than a few talents that have made the rise in snowboard ranks
based on the bag of tricks and contest results they have stacked. The list if riders
that have become names in the sport of snowboarding because of their style is a very
elite list. Terry Kidwell, Chris Roach, Jamie Lynn, and Josh Dirksen. What adds a
rider to this list ? Well, in Dirksens case, when he rides, it looks like he should
be riding. As if everything is slowed down when he does tricks or even makes turns.
Josh is one of my oldest friends in snowboarding. We rode for morrow together for a
long time, and had a chance to see the world while doing what we loved. I have
tremendous respect for someone who can actually ride a snowboard, not just get into
"positions" on metal bars, but actually make rail turns while at the same time, be
able to handle everything that's thrown at them. Rails, jumps, half pipes, shoots,
banked slalom courses, you name it. Dirksen is one of the elite few who can do it
all and look damn stylish while doing it.

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