See (I am Nick Hope and this is "test 5"). Also see

Thanks to "amendegw" (Jerry), Kimberly and "Stringer" (Gregory) for permission to use the footage. Thanks to "musicvid" (Mark) for help with the project.

I uploaded the exact same file to YouTube at

Sony Vegas 10.0c
Debugmode Frameserver 2.7
VirtualDub 1.9.11
Smart Deinterlacer Filter 2.8 beta 1
x264vfw 112r1867bm
Lame ACM mp3 encoder 3.98.4

Smart Deinterlacer Settings:

Frame-only differencing
Edge-directed interpolate
Motion map denoising
Motion threshold 15
Scene change threshold 100
Everything else unchecked

Lanczos3 resize to 720p.

Lame MP3 @ 320 kbit/s CBR

Render time: 29 mins on my core 2 duo T7800 @ 2600 MHz with 4GB RAM

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