This is a little showcase for some of my best stuff done for inFAMOUS a couple years ago. Shot it all with my flip cam in front of my TV (Yeah, it's a bit low-tech, but it works!), cut together in Premier Elements 9, with text done in Photoshop CS4. Here's a simple breakdown:

00:00 The opening cinematic of the game. I animated Cole and the camera.
00:16 Dramatic balancing on a lamp post!
00:26 Cole's high-fall landing impacts. I didn't do the falling/flailing anims that precede the landings, or the weight shifting after the third one. It's just there for context.
00:35 But I *did* do Cole's dust-off idle afterwards.
00:38 Idle animations for when Cole's in an area with no electricity.
00:47 Zeke! Trying to dislodge the ray sphere from it's cradle.
00:56 Cole's flash kick attack.
00:58 Cole entering the sewers.
01:05 Reaper run cycles. Keep an eye on the skinny one in front! (this is a 4-way strafe, but you can't tell because they're only running forward here)
01:08 Alden's walk cycle. He's an old crippled supervillain, and Cole is hot on his ghostly trail. This footage had to be slowed down, since this animation had to be sped up for the game, because it's boring to hurry after a slow-moving old doddard. This is approximately the speed in which it was animated.
01:14 Cole exiting the sewer.
01:16 4-way strafe for the Dust Men. I also animated the shotgun-firing additive he plays.
01:24 Cole and Trish, havin' a li'l spat. I animated Cole and Trish, but not the camera. (Try to ignore the bind-pose glitches. Nobody's perfect, even programmers. ;)
01:38 The first and last of the sexy grapple battles with Sasha. Animated both characters getting into position, the start and end poses of the grapple mini-game, and the reactions. (I didn't animate her nasty quad-tongue--that's an animation that gets triggered with her open-mouth facial pose. More on that in the notes.)

- All facial expression animation for inFAMOUS was done using a system of call functions. That is, the animator had to type in what frames they wanted which expressions to animate at. We created facial expression libraries in separate Maya files, per character. For example, I did a bunch of custom expressions for Cole's opening scene in the crater, and called them by frame number in a way that made it look like his face was twitching subtly. It's animation by numbers!... :P
- Lip-sync was automated procedurally, not animated by hand.

Thanks for watching, and thanks VERY much for reading!

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