May 9, 2010: An unfinished 3D maquette that I did based on the Introduction to ZBrush book by Eric Keller. Even if I finished it, it still couldn't be used as one of my portfolios because the concept wasn't originally mine.

But, I honestly did every thing from ground zero without using any of the given tools provided by Eric in his book, even up to the little things like the scales, wrinkles, spikes, fangs, & tongues. The one that took me the longest to do was the snake's head & its 3D scales to be used as an alpha brush.

I couldn’t finish it because all the computers that I was using (both at home & in the office) couldn't deal with how big & dense the Ztool was. The program just kept on closing down by itself every time I tried to save my Ztool, so I couldn't progress anymore. I'd spent so much time & efforts trying to make it up to this stage, with all the miseries of failing & crashing for so many times to get this far.

All that were left to do were to add scales on the snakes' bodies, blend the bodies to the heads, & then add color to the maquette.

I guess I needed a much better computer.

Thanks to Eric Keller for the amazing tutorial & walkthrough.

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