February 4 - March 20

The laws and illusions of film, animation and the perception of reality form the basis of an unbound visual experiment, for which MU is happy to provide all the necessary space for the designer/artist/filmmaker Fons Schiedon. ‘A Man with A Plan’, the title of his first comprehensive solo exhibition in the Netherlands, can doubtless be interpreted ironically.

In his role as the man with a plan, Schiedon comments on a world view that is only partly shaped by reality. What is at least as important as reality is images and interpretations of reality, which – if possible – touch us even more deeply and surround us even more compellingly. Life built up out of storylines that we construct on the basis of storylines constructed by others.

Schiedon plays on the awareness that, more and more often, we experience ‘film moments’. For this purpose, he brings together a number of ideas which, in his eyes, are “bastard children springing from a wild, global new-media orgy” with, of course, the words ‘bastard children’ being used caringly. What we experience every day is at least as much determined by our own thoughts and emotions as by films, video fragments, social networks, TV series, photos, books and magazines, advertisements, and people with similar media preferences to our own.
In his expressive anecdotes with their light dose of revealing humour, Schiedon allows himself to be inspired just as easily by such contemporary art icons as Paul McCarthy and Bas Jan Ader as by the degenerated ‘fake’ rapper life of the actor Joaquin Phoenix and the movement studies of the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. To whose work he then gives a twist of his own.

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