The Bible repeatedly warns that any government will never be perfect, primairly because it is made up of fallen creatures, you and I and our sins. We have seen this in the dance between fear and greed from Wall Street and Main Street. Warren Buffet describes this past month as an 'economic Pearl Harbor'.
Greed is the Mother of All Sins according to the history behind the so-called Seven Deadly Sins. Wanting something that belongs to another is a violation of the 10th Commandment warning about coveting. To covet means 'to pant after', as a dog pants after food/water. The cure for greed is contentment, which is rejoicing in what you have, not aspiring after what your neighbor has. Contentment is an attitude, and develops as we learn not to depend on things, but upon Christ, for our sufficiency. As Alfred Nobel wrote at the end of his eventful life, "contentment is the only real wealth".

What changes does God want in your life regarding this?

Duane McDonough
October 19th, 2008
St. John United Church of Christ

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