S.C.A.I.R. – (skair) Self Contained Artificially Intelligent Robot

SCAIR is a "proof of concept short". It is 7 minutes from the middle of example episode one that have been taken to it's target "TV series" level of quality.
(Scenes 4 - 14 of act two in episode one: "Gone Daddy Gone")

The SCAIR story and characters were created by Robert Coddington in the late 1990's. The models were later updated sometime around 2003ish. Without the time or budget to make the show, Robert ended up just using the models to teach animation to students at Otis College of Art, and for an instructional DVD for Gnomon in 2006...
In 2010, Robert decided to undertake the ambitious task of creating 10 scenes from the middle of episode one with the help of his students in the Spring 2010 animation class he taught at Otis. (many of whom had no animation experience at the time)

The characters, set, and lighting were all created by Robert in his spare time.
He then blocked/pre-viz'ed the entire 7 minute sequence and broke it down into scenes that students would push farther. Robert then ran a clean up pass on the student work.

The test short "S.C.A.I.R." was made for just a few hundred dollars thanks to the generosity of:
Otis College- (student animators, computers, Software)
Brain Zoo Studios - (Render Farm), and
M.T. studios.(Sound and Music)

This test short was completed on 2/19/2011
....it was started by Robert Coddington with character models and the story over 12 years ago. ha... It's not perfect... but it exists finally... and it's fun.

For more information, or to contact Robert Coddington:

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Cast: Robert Coddington

All Scenes: Robert Coddington
Scene 07: Erica Pinto (Professional animator and friend, not a student)

Robert Coddington's student animators at Otis
(spring 2010 intro to animation class)
Scene 01: Josh dunn
Scene 02: Kim Zhu
Scene 03: Sarah Wolf
Scene 04: Sonya Lee
Scene 05: Young Rho
Scene 06: Mike Ko
Scene 08a: Chris Su
Scene 08b: Judy Anaya
scene 09: Mike Ko
Scene 10: Craig Christian (teachers assistant)

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