Documentation of the dance installation Näcken, shown at Südpol, Luzern, Switzerland, 2009 and Perform, Trondheim, Norway, 2010.

Näcken is a Nordic folktale with many local variations. In the guise of a beautiful naked man, Näcken, a supernatural creature sits by the water playing the violin. He was an unachievable master of the violin and his music enticed people to go down the water and drown.
In southern Sweden it’s been told of his will to teach this magic art form to the people. This brought the people a big risk because thereafter anyone educated in this art would end up having an inscrutable addiction to supernatural powers.
Any man taught by Näcken could get so spellbound by a mysterious power that he would not be able to stop playing music until he lost his mind. This music was just as enchanting for the dancers, who also couldn’t stop.

Inspired by this tale, Näcken portrays two people’s uninhibited meeting with the music.

The performance takes place inside of a wooden cube located in the corner of a dark space. The two dancers are seen through a limited number of little holes in the cube's wall. During three hours of constant dancing the audience can come and go as they like while the two persons are moving through states of curiosity, ecstasy and dissolution.

Music: Damian Schwartz - 1568 Drexel AV, Jerome Sydenham & Rune - Elephant, Cobblestone Jazz- India In Me, Hardcell - Entertainment, Laven & MSO - Looking for God

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