RISING LOTUS - Art Installation 2011

Perth International Arts Festival
Fremantle Arts Centre

Maschi Fontana in collaboration with Masonik.

Maschi Fontana's Rising Lotus is shown as a part of the Perth International Arts Festival. Encompassing aspects of reductive materialism, minimalism, long frame video and landform sculpture, Tom Mùller and JT Vannotti engage in both the myths and aesthetics of the various landscapes they encounter while incorporating cosmic symbolism, cult rituals, occult forces and a retro-futuristic feel to their work. In this sense Maschi Fontana's in-tuned and intuitive process creates an art of potential;
this is a perforated look into a world co-existing with our surrounds, and while the work invites serious contemplation into the role the esoteric has played in art it also importantly ask questions of the role mysticism has played and will play in possible future world views. This is perhaps a look into the (near) future intersection of spiritual enlightenment and technological transcendence that many of us are contemplating.

On the 28th of January 2011 Masonik activated the sculpture.

Basil Psanoudakis - Laptop, Turntables & Bass
Paul Pax Andrews - Saxophones & Bass Clarinet
Wheldon Thornley - Keyboards


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