Here is a test of the updated sound and controls of the software portion of my Thesis project.

For more information on the prototype:

A brief description of my Thesis:
New musical interfaces are necessary to further explore the complexities of rhythm. RhythmSynthesis proposes a new instrument for composition and performance to continue such exploration. Originating as an investigation into the relationships between rhythm and technology, RhythmSynthesis applies color, shape, and sound to demonstrate how our understanding of visual music, computation, and tangible, audio-visual interactions can be applied as considerations in musical expression.

This thesis proposes a new term, rhythm synthesis, which is a field of study and practice which applies combinations of sensory inputs and outputs to represent, explain, and develop forms of interaction. There is a long history of inquiry into rhythm and the connections between the visual, sound, and computation, and this on-going investigation constitutes rhythm synthesis.

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