Here is the first attempt I had at making my marble run create music.
This is all for my MEDI 259 experimental work where I will be using marble runs and various other objects to make music via chain reactions, for example here where the marble run goes down the run and hits the play button on the CD player.
This is a very basic attempt at what I want to do (because the machine/marble run itself is not actually making music, it's cheating by just turning on a CD which plays The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "By The Way" album) but it was mainly to try a small chain reaction of one marble hitting a switch to set off another on the elevator and to test out the new Canon EOS 5D and it's enormous depth of field.
Personally, for this project I found the camera gives amazing colours and focus but sadly it is also very hard to focus manually, film and keep up with the marble (hence why the ending and other parts are very blurry) so I don't think I'll be using it for my final project.
Never the less it's still a lovely camera and everyone's got to start somewhere so now it's on to try the JVC 100 HD cameras :D
Hopefully the results will be better with that camera so I hope you enjoy this video and check back soon if you're interested in seeing the JVC in comparison :)

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Created - (26/11/10)

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