U art is our third semester project, developed in the context "iMoblity". The goal was to develope concepts, which view mobility in the life of people from a new perspective.
Our vision is, to develope a system, which allows to connect digital art to the environment, so it can be viewed, like one would view physical art: From an individual perspective, in context to the environment.
The art should also interact with the environment and so by merge with reality, in a way that is usually not possible for digital art. To give this vision a frame, we designed an "urban museum for digital art", whose showroom is the city itself. The artworks will be exhibited at and around U Bahn stations. The U Bahn is the central nervous system of cities like Frankfurt or Berlin and is the ideal connection between the most important landmarks and places. Using it, the visitors can move easily through this museum. The artworks integrate seamlessly into the living environment of the people and create an opportunity to explore it in a new way.
To realise this ambitious plan, we developed a smart phone application, which serves as a museum guide and also as the instrument, to view the art. All this works with augmented reality. Prototypical, we developed an application for android smart phones.

Digital Media - Interactive Media
Media Project 3 - WS 2010/2011

Michael Burk
Ricardo Gallego
Joris Klause
Jan Moritz Müller

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