Canada Goose x3

Got my Canada Goose yeah i’m feeling so warm
It aint for the style man it’s for the snow storms
i bet you wish you got one just like me
if you aint got the money then your not like me

Bitch I go hard in my Canada Goose
I got you feeling poor with my Canada Goose
your girl wants to wear it cuz it got her feeling loose
In my Canada Goose x2

Got my Canada Goose
chillin with the boos
yeah i called deuce
on the joint
whats the point if were gonna jones
till were stones
gotta gotta move gotta move gotta grove
to this beat, bet you wont be standing on your feet
outside cuz its cold, are you feeling bold with that sweater
grab a goose yeah youl feel better
see i promise if you get one you will see
that theres nothing like a goose in the -C
see you wanna be me but you cant
so leave me alone cuz im gone like a goose
flying high the the sky

Yeah we got the goose
Yeah i got one too
got the sleeveless vest
all navy blue
strait fire in the booth
even hotter in the streets
got the red crest
you know i got the proof

U cant ground me
I fly high with my feathers inside
Like a bird a bit puffier
The canada goose crew,,,,,
We are like the mighty ducks
You cunt are like the pucks
We slap you around with our sticks
Wanna keep warm
Hunnny canada goose does the trick
If your still cold after that ur prob dying sick
Baby mine has place for me and you
What u gunna do
Not for nuttin but im hotter than you with my goose
I don’t mean looks
but I get u get the hooks
Snooks is fkn ugly
Slap a Canada goose on the bitch and shes fucken hot
this shits gotta stop
Did somebody turn the nob on the thermometer
Fuck man sumbody freeze me I feel like im burning up im all zipped up in my heater
Itl take a load off ur paycheck about a meter
So join the Canada goose crew
of course only if u want too
Just don’t pick any of the colors
white red brown grey and dark blue
Nu uh
thoes are not for you



Got my mane up bitch you know its Staying up
feeling like a lion thats been eatin all your game up
my jacket is a pussy magnet all the girls be screaming
when i flip up my hood like i flip Buns burgers
just for learners if you dont got a goose than your gonna get abuse
from the chills get some skills man like me
if your jackets made in china that your not getting vagina
cuz its fake!
and im free like a goose send me douce on that spruce
call me Zuse youl be loose after a night with me
cuz baby im a g in the negative degrees
with my canada c so lady fly with me
Got my mane up got my got my mane up
bitch you know its staying up
bitch you know its staying up
Got my mane up got my got my mane up
bitch you know its staying up
bitch you know we paying up

Goose x16

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