This is a video that was created using footage taken of a project put on at North Park University in Chicago, IL. The Girls who volunteered to participate were asked to come with their hair and make up done the way they felt the most beautiful. After a first round of pictures were taken the girls took off their make-up, pulled back their hair and answered a questionnaire. After this, a second round of photos was taken with them exposed, no make up on. What followed was a discussion where the experience was discussed and many connections and discoveries were made about the groups perception of themselves and each other. This video was made for on-lookers to form their own opinions on these matters and to help us all have a better understanding of Women and their relationship with beauty and make up.

Photo's, Questionnaire - Anne Heaps
Filming, Editing - Leigh Culbertson (Dashing Dog Productions)
Score - Dustin Covert (IMPALA Studios)

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