The third episode of Luke Ryan’s In The Mix, a Boston-based webseries combining mixology and fascinating interviews with experts in social media, personal branding and some fun Luke-Approved celebrities.

This episode features UFC Superstar and master of the Hellbow Kenny Florian and the classic Old Fashioned.

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Let me just start off by saying Kenny is a very cool dude! As you probably already know I’m a huge MMA fan and between me and my brother Karl we’ve probably seen just about every UFC, PRIDE, STRIKEFORCE and most every other lesser known event since back in the day. So when Kenny agreed to be a guest on my show In The Mix, I was pretty pumped. Kenny was nice enough to show me how to throw a vicious Hellbow and we talked about how he got his start and where he’s looking to take his career in the sport. My favorite question I asked Kenny (which unfortunately didn’t make the cut) was “Do you insure your elbows like Michael Flatley insurances his Riverdance legs?” Thanks for the fun interview buddy!

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