I added a YM2413 sound chip from a Yamaha PSS-170 Keyboard and a microvga.com display module that provides 80x25 16color text mode to VGA output. The microVGA module also gives me a free PS/2 keyboard input via SPI Bus.

All sound recorded from vgm player circuit via webcam microphone. No emulators used. The VGM files are streamed from the microSD card to the sound chips via SPI bus.

The first song is the "Space Harrier" theme used in the Japanese Sega Master System BIOS version 2.1 that played when no cartridge was plugged in.
It used both YM2413 (FM) and SN76489 (PSG) sound chips simultaneously.

The second song is the cave theme from the master system version of "Phantasy Star" which only features the YM2413 chip.

The display/keyboard module:

powered by an arduino nano ATmega328

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