It’s time for us to get our Tirolean mountain high. Join us on the journey on the Nordkettenbahn up to the top of the Hafelekar mountain towering above Innsbruck.

From the center of Innsbruck, three lifts collectively called the Nordkettenbahn whisk us thousands of feet above Innsbruck and the famous Golden Roof. The first stage is called Hungerburgbahn. This funicular leaves Innsbruck underground, just ouside the Congress building, in a Star Trek-esque station. We go from underground to above ground and past the River Inn.

We reach the first transfer point between Hungerburgbahn and the next mountain lift. This stopping point is for visiting the Alpenzoo.

We get on the first of two cable cars that will take us up further into the mountains. We reach the Seegrube perch. We get on the final cable car which will take us to the top of the Hafelekar. At the top, we were greeted with tons of fog. On a clear day, we could have seen Innsbruck stretching across the valley to the Bergisel ski jump, and just to its right, the graceful Europa Bridge that leads up the Brennar Pass to Italy, beyond the mountain peaks. Maybe next time. :(

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