One aspect of weather systems that is revealed in this time-lapse video is that the wind directions and movements of the clouds (with their different shapes and colors) are organized in dynamic layers. We can see the different layers clearly with time-lapse and sometimes one can notice three or more layers all at the same time. Often the clouds are moving in entirely different directions and speeds.

Weather systems are not monolithic but filled with all kinds of non-linear swirls and flows. Even though these flows seem at close range to be opposed to one another, in the biggest picture they are unified into one continuous, infinitely complex, non-linear fluid planetary atmospheric system.

This video is presented by which is a website devoted to using art as a tool to refine and develop the skill of embodying a flexible, balanced, all inclusive, big picture and present centered awareness in the service of humanity at this time of planetary crisis.

The soundtrack is original music composed and recorded by Mike Wilson. It is designed for relaxation and heightened awareness."

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