Music: Schindler's List OST
Photography by: P.Noze -

The Concentration Camp near the village of Struthof. The Germans opened KL-Natzweiler on the 21st april 1941. Category 3, one of the most severe camp, at 800m of altitude.
This camp been used as a labour camp to support the nazi war industry as well as for medical experiments of nazi doctors.
Between 1941 and 1945 more than 22,000 deportees died here.
In the summer its a place with high temperatures with no shades, the winter icy wind, low temperatures and around 1m50 snow.
The arrival railway station is 8km away from the camp, the deportees had to walk from there to the camp.
In 1944 it had 17 blocks, 15 wooden blocks and 2 cement blocks. Today there are 4 wooden blocks still standing.

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