This is my reel, mostly done from August 2010 to date, Feb 2011

Hope you like it.

Shot 01: Added gun shots impacts and bullet holes to the pipes and car
Responsibilities : Particles, Compositing

Shot 02: Created and animated 3D plant from 2D design
Responsibilities : Paint FX, animation, render, Color correction
Final Comp by: Javier Saenz

Shot 03: Integrate CG monster into live plate
Responsibilities : All the 3D stuff, Camera Tracking
Final Comp and fire,smoke elements by: Javier Saenz

Shot 04: Result for my Pinboard Tutorial
Responsibilities : All the 3D and tutorial

Shot 05: Result for my Pulverize Effect Tutorial
Responsibilities : All the 3D, particles and stuff, also the tutorial

Shot 06: CG Elephant for company ID
Responsibilities : Rigging, Texturing, Particles, Shading, Rendering, Compositing
Animation by: Victor Moss

Shot 07: Result of my Skateshop Workflow Tutorial
Responsibilities : Did all the 3D, camera tracking and tutorial

Shot 08: Monster for company ID
Responsibilities : Did all the 3D, Sculpting, camera tracking and compositing

Shot 09: Monster for company ID
Responsibilities : Did all the 3D, Sculpting

Shot 10: Houdini Chocolate Test with fluids
Responsibilities : Fluids, shadering, render

Shot 11: Fluid Test done in realflow render vray
Responsibilities : Fluids, shading, rendering

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