On March 15th, I'm going to be 20.

While I could sit around fretting about turning the big two-zero, thinking about all the things I have yet to do, the reality is that I've been blessed to live a really incredible life in my 19+ years on this earth. I’m in college, doing things I’m passionate about with people whom I love.

Many people don't have that chance.
1 billion people in the world lack clean drinking water. For lack of this most basic resource millions will die before their fifth birthday.

When you don’t have clean water, everything else is secondary. Survival mode kicks in, as families spend hours of the day trekking for miles to get filthy, bacteria-ridden water. Kids don’t get an education. Women don’t have time to pursue opportunities to better themselves and their families. Dirty water and lack of clean sanitation are the culprits behind 80 percent of the diseases in the world.

So for my 20th, I want to help other people gain access to clean water. Because when you have clean water, everything changes.

$20 can provide one person with access to clean drinking water.

So I'm asking for $20 for my 20th from everyone I know. (The amount is up to you! Even a dollar makes a huge difference).

Every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund freshwater wells in developing nations. I have been inspired by the passion of the folks at charity:water. This organization cares about helping people connect with the cause they are supporting. Every dollar is "proved" when the projects are complete, and photos and GPS coordinates are posted using Google Earth. So you'll see in the next couple of months exactly where you made a difference in the world. Cool, right?!

My goal is to raise $2000 by my birthday, March 15th. That’s enough to provide 100 people with clean water.

My birthday wish this year is that 100 people would be forever changed because they received a simple, life-giving gift: water.

Call me crazy, but I am convinced that we really can make a difference in the world. That when we come together to do something beautiful, lives are changed forever.

Please join me.


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