Music/Lyric:Mark Lam@7°C Music
Arrangement:Kuan Pow Pun
Vocal:Elvin Chio
Director: Hin (

學業到事業的階段,往往是友情最大的考驗,踏入社會,當遇到失意,當遇到人情冷暖時,便會想起兒時的簡單,一份簡簡單單的快樂,這一生,不可沒有 的,就是深交的好朋友,夕陽雖斜照,卻仍很美。

One of the biggest challenges in life is the transition between study life and working life, often people recalls their simple happiness during their children when they have to face dissapoinments and difficulties in this cold real world, we all need our good friends to support our lives, especially those who we knew since young.




This video is one of the artworks of the INFINITY project.

Pls visit the above link of the INFINITY site to enjoy all the different types of artworks created by artists from different places, that speaks their ideas and concerns about future, thanks.

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