How to prepare a pathfinding map with 3Ds Max.
The technique consist in saving node information
in a material assigned to the nodes map.
For example:
-reserve diffuse red slot for walkable/non walkable;
-reserve diffuse green slot for a "penality score"
to that node (like walking into a swamp take more time than a road)
-reserve diffuse blue slot for the number of units that can spawn in that
node ecc...
If you have a lot of informations (for example i also store the
animation that a model have to do in this node and wha'ts the percentage that
he can do a specific action ecc...) you can add mroe
nodes map just be sure that they have the same indes (0 with 0, 5 with 5 ecc..)

I'll soon add a link in this description on the rest of tutorial with the XNA code
to use the pathfinding algorithm with the map.
This way can be used also in particoular and wide terrain,the simple
plane terrain is just for example but you can use it
nearly everywhere.

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