My Village: Kwang-an 3dong (2006)

10min 28sec (excerpt)

Artist's Statement

Kwang-an 3dong is a town in Busan, the largest port city of Korea, but the town itself is so old
and humble that there is no public service offices or school. Even sea gulls are not willing to visit the town. But recently the town gets excites in expectation of urban renewal program. My dream for the future and freedom has begun in this closed town where there is nothing but
silence. I longed for the liberation from this boring and isolated place. However, after all, it turned out to be this place where I start my story since it is the extension of myself - in other words, it consists of the inside of my being.

All the places are in the hold of my memories of youth and the memories are like trolls along with the times I spent there. Fragmented memories and fantasies crumple each shot in the twisted fold. The confused moving shots overlapped with the cinematic style of repetitive troll
reflecting the recurrence of my memory and desire.

Kwang-an 3dong received the following Awards & Selections:
2005 Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul Competition
2005 Juan Media Festival
2005 Tokyo Image Forum in Korean Independent Film Programme
2005 New Media Festival in Seoul Competition
2006 Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul Competition

Sook-Hyun Kim's work screened at UVP Montgomery Street as part of our 2008 programming

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