The Singularity goes further into the mainstream for this week ending the 13/02/11: Khan Academy now doing online exercises with leveling, points and badges - the future of education has begun, we look at an epic video on futuristic concepts utilizing glass, IBM's Watson kicks some major ass against human Jeopardy players, Kurzweil gets featured in Time Magazine, and we have a look at the state of the Singularity - have our own thoughts changed?

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Stories covered this week:
KhanAcademy: The Future of Education,, Mathletics, Corning: A Day Made of Glass (Video), IBM Watson Takes on Jeopardy, The IBM Jeopardy Challenge Video Links: Day 1 Part 1 | Day 1 Part 2 | Day 2 Part 1 | Day 2 Part 2 | Day 3 Part 1 | Day 3 Part 2, World's Total CPU Power Equal to One Human Brain, Time Magazine: 2045, The Year Man Becomes Immortal, Kurzweil's 5 Future Predictions For Time Magazine

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