In this episode of iLiveOnline, Jake Press and Jim Stroud discuss rapping geeks, Yahoo layoffs and cool tools for business. Jake Press embraces his inner discovery geek and Guido (the production assistant) asserts himself for a raise. OBOY!

Here is the breakdown:

00:50 - MC JP and JS "The Best"
01:00 - The iLiveOnline Rap
01:40 - Shout out to Irina Slutsky and GETV
02:13 - Yahoo layoffs (Owch!)
02:39 -
03:31 - I LOVE the 4-Hour Work Week (Read the book)
05:20 - Simple Voice Box (
07:23 - Guido asserts himself for a raise (in the middle of the show)
08:05 -
08:40 -
09:40 - Guido is at it again. (ugh!)
10:23 - Guido makes his final appeal to the viewers

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