In this time-lapse session video my son Harrison (back to camera), my wife Becky (to the right) and I (facing camera) play a quick game of Incan Gold by Sunriver Games / Funagain Games.

While I suppose Incan Gold could technically be classified as a card game because its only components are cards and treasure tokens, it plays more like a board game in many ways. There is a temple location on the tabletop, broken into sections that the adventurers (players) explore in phases of "quests" accumulating treasures and avoiding dangers.

It's a simple risk management game in which players are asked to choose with every upturned quest card whether to safely return to camp with the treasure they have accumulated or press on, risking all for the riches and glory to be obtained in the face of certain danger.

In this game, Becky and Harrison each had early turns (the second and third, respecitively, I believe) during which they pressed too far, encountering a hazard and losing all they had accumulated. I was the one who played it the most safe, never losing treasure to a danger card.

Harrison calculated his returns to camp in such a way as to gather two of the special artifact cards, whereas I claimed one in the fifth and final round that helped seal the game for me. I finished with 61 points, Harrison 48 and Becky 38. We had thought I'd only won by the margin of the last artifact I claimed, but it turned out there was a piece of obsidian hidden in my tent ... so the margin was wider than I thought. This is why "hiding" the treasures under the tent cards is important. Players have to keep careful track of what they need to emerge as the wealthiest and most decorated archaeologist.

A couple of items of note - Yes, there is a bit of lost footage (about 2 minutes of real time) between the first and second round where the camera I was using went wonky. And, I'd draw any observer's attention to the fourth round where all five cards that came up as we entered the temple were hazard cards, eventually chasing us all out before we'd found a single shiny rock. I've never seen that happen before.

Incan Gold is easy to learn, plays fast, and it seems to play different almost every single game. My seven year old son had no trouble grasping it, and it is great for a family game. It also makes for a good "filler" game between the heavier games a group might play. Because of the "who will risk and who will play it safe" element, the game gets even more interesting with additional people.

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