Film by Iselin Lønn: Forsvinningens Gang
Music by JUV : Forvarsel
The film is slightly edited to fit the track.
The original film can be seen at iselinlonn.no
JUV is Are Mokkelbost and Marius von der Fehr.
Album available from Miasmah Records.

”Forsvinningens Gang” was made by Iselin Lønn in 1997-1998, using 8mm film and analogue editing. It is a silent film.

Iselin was a fellow student and friend of ours when we were at the Royal Art Academy in Oslo, where a lot of the Juv music was recorded. Iselin was one of the few people who heard and encouraged our music and on request we even made her a tape. In fact, she was making her film as we were making our music.

I remember being struck by the film when I first saw it – after a lot of experimentation around school she had left for a cottage in the summer, and it all seemed to fall into place. It shows her trying to capture the movement of the wind via smoke, setting fire to water and moving the interior of the cottage into the woods. It was similar to our own summer night sessions on the porch of another cottage, directing the speakers to the fjord and woods, playing for the boats and animals.

So, to celebrate the release of the album that almost disappeared, it makes sense to finally marry the images and sound of that time.

Are Mokkelbost.

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