Here i've shot some footage with my 550D in my flat of an area of the room that has a good light source but also a variety of objects that have different colours.

The aim here was to test out the variances between the Super Flat, Marvel Cine 1.2 (an old but still valid one), and a Custom Neutral picture styles that i have setup up on my camera.

the lens was 85mm at f1.8 using ISO 320 at a shutter speed of 50.

While i have very little experience with grading, i used Apple Color to do all of these shots. i simply graded the footage using the Super Flat picture style and then copied it to the other two pieces of footage. This may be a biased grade test in doing it this way, however, it does demonstrate the purpose of this test more clearly by showing the final result of each if you were to grade the exact same way (or use a preset).

the picture styles were from:
Marvel Cine (here you can find newer versions of their pic styles)

Super Flat

the custom Neutral was found on a blog a while back that i can't remember the link for so i apologise to the maker of it (if you know the link for this then please post in the comments). I have provided an image of what the settings look like if you are interested in trying it out yourself.

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