Following on from my previous test, i wanted to see how well the Super Flat picture style would work on a person at night in a low-lit room. I chose Super Flat rather than the one of the others (as Tested in my previous video because it seemed to give the flatest image straight out of the camera; at least to me it did.

Shot using the Canon 550D with 85mm lens, f1.8 ISO 640 at a shutter speed of 50.

I currently only own two lenses - the 18-55mm kit lens & the 85mm - so my choice of shots were limited. the kit lens just isn't viable in this lighting so i will test this again using that lens during the day when the lighting is much better. The room it was shot in only has one light source which is directly above the bed.

This shot was graded using Apple Color. The goal was to try to achieve a more cinematic look to the footage, or at the very least a mid to high budget TV show.

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