What is your obsession?... for Jack Moore it's pop-star Katy Perry who he idolises in every way imaginable.

Look at Jack's listening habits for example: last.fm/user/Jacksies

Check out Jack on Twitter @Jackula, DailyBooth @Jack & YouTube youtube.com/poweredgerbil.

-Direction, editing, shooting, audio etc. etc, by Olly Newport.
-Starring: Jack Moore
-With thanks to Brighton City College & Chris Leydon for equipment help.

MUSIC (in order):
Rachel Portman - The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Never Let Me Go soundtrack)
Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil - Five Customers (One Hour Photo soundtrack)
Rachel Portman - Bumper Crop (Never Let Me Go soundtrack)

As seen on; NYMag, Time Magazine, MTV, Yahoo! Music, TheDailyWh.at, LOVELYiSH, idolator, The Hairpin, Jezeble, The Globe And Mail, PopDash & many more. Thanks.

Co-Operative Film Festival's Advisors Choice award for 'Best Documentary'.

If you want to feature this video on your website/show/publication, pop me an email before you do, I like to know where my content is going: press@olly.fm

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