In 2007 photographer David Maurice Smith's exploratory travels of Mexico City led him south to a secret landscape of rural canals and jungled canopy where a dark world awaited: La Isla de las Munecas, the Island of the Dolls.

Legend states that many years ago a peasant farmer named Don Julian sought to appease the spirit of a young girl that tragically drowned in the dark waters of a nearby canal by presenting the spirit with an offering... a child's doll.

The appeasement worked, however the spirits appetite for dolls grew and Julian became forced to scour the countryside for more and more offerings. He became obsessed with the collection of the figures, dedicating all of his limited resources to growing the bizarre collection until his death.

As a disturbing testament to both the spirit of a young girl and the commitment of a god fearing man, a morbid yet beautiful monument of literally thousands of dolls in various states of decay and infestation remain.

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