I saw this piece as three stages.
The start, engines roaring, crowd getting worked up and the snap shot of the driver.
For the engines revving I used three samples. The big cat purr, the man snoring and one other of the given samples (I really cant remember which one!). I used Sound Shifter a lot as well as H-Comp along side a bit of distortion and reverb. All automated to sound like a car revving.
I used ‘Gas Stove’ to get the start sound of hot brake disks. I used Sound Shifter, loair, H-Delay and L3. I used Metaflang, H-Delay, loair and L3 with the puma and the old claxon for the background sweetener. Both where time stretched. The fire pass through was a layer of Waves plug-ins and the given samples. I bounced the sound down and put it in the main arrange then forgot to save arrange I had done the fire sound on, so, I can’t remember what I used! Schoolboy error!! The crowd was time stretched, H-comp and reverb.
The middle, The crash.
I used a lot here. My CPU went crazy! Time stretch, V-Comp, Sound Shift, loair, H-Comp, Doopler(which is awesome!), Space Designer (not Waves) plus a few more. The eerie sound had the Doppler on it with V-Comp, H-Comp, Space Designer. I time stretched a lot of the samples and pitched them and layered them to get the sounds you here. I used H-Comp on all three sections in bounce down so as to get a nice clear, crisp warm sound before I put them into their final arrange.
The End,
Quite simple here. Sound Shift and Space Designer on the dragster. Layered with cannon blast for sweetener, which had Sound Shift and Q10 on it with a little bit of the female whoosh to add flavour. All these where time stretched in some way.

All three stages had extensive automation work done on them. I did not put any commentary in as wanted the sounds to build up the suspense unaided.

Really enjoyed this challenge and working with the waves plugins which I had never done before!


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