This project started out as a screening for hosts on a possible pilot series with Planet X Television of Mexico, an extreme 24 hour cable sports channel from San Diego, California entering the Latin American Market.

The concept is that two host’s male and female travel around Mexico Covering Extreme sporting events, doing or learning Extreme sports, and looking at the lifestyles, places, and people that make Extreme sports the most exciting product on television right now for the young adult market.

We believe that this is an untapped market here in Latin America and would have the potential to draw large corporate sponsors for a demographic like this.

We were unable to come to an agreement with Planet X Television on the pilot series and therefore are looking for a new distributor for our product. This product was an idea that we came up with from a challenge given to us by a Company Executive from Planet X Television, to come up with a Mexican National show that would be interesting to Chicanos in the US market and Mexicans in the Mexico market and would be shot and produced in Mexico.

This pilot is what we presented to Planet X Television Executives which they saw huge potential, but were not willing to put the resources needed to do a quality production at this time.

This pilot/casting was done with a very small budget with no written script; everything was done on the fly, in a very short period of time. There is little or no graphics or fancy post production.

That being the case, this pilot shows great potential and has a great concept. The host’s show great potential with good writers and script. We have the ability to do many shows here locally and there are many events that we can cover all over Mexico. From the Baja Races, to Kite Surfing, we have a variety of extreme sports going on here locally and in Mexico to do many episodes. This market does not currently have a lot of competition in this category of television programming and would be very affordable to enter.

The proposed format for each show is as follows:

This show could be an hour or half-hour show. It could be shot in English and subtitled or Voice Over in Spanish or just shot in Spanish, we have this option due to the fact that most of our production crew is bilingual. We could make this Pilot Series on a very affordable budget; the fact that we would be using all local Mexican talent and production workers keeps costs down.

Keep in mind that everything is up for change or negotiation depending on the distributor’s points, needs, and ideas. The show can be easily tailored to meet those needs.

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