Made in Adobe After Effects CS5 and Premiere CS5 using only still images, no video.


HOMEWORK: Assignment due 28th, Feb -Theme: “Depicting found objects”- Pick a concrete physical object or a class of objects and depict it in an interesting way through movie. To prepare for movie do research about the object/class of objects. Investigate such things as their history, who owned them, how they were made, to what uses they were put, what they meant to different people, etc. Try finding ordinary objects/classes of objects that we usually don’t pay notice and try to make them interesting or attention grabbing. Part of the assignment will be to put this research about objects into words. You have to compose some sort of story or biography of the object/objects. Telling a story about an ordinary object can make it interesting, but you should primarily try to find ways to do it by means of 30sec movie. Your movie should make object(s) interesting. For rhythm you can use some song. Your research therefore has to be visual and not only verbal (consulting books, talking to people). Experimenting with media and techniques, making sketches, storyboard and so on is research too. During the lecture we will explore some of the ways to make ordinary things extraordinary.

Thanks to Michael DeVowe, for making a tutorial on slow motion from images.

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