this was done as an installation video for a collaborative class involving Choreography (dance), Sound, and Digital Cinematography (video)

the project was fairly simple. all it required was that it be composed of three parts and that it include some amount of silence. we would then present the "score" to our professors to get feedback. it was up to us to decide how the choreography, video, and sound related to each other.

when we came together to discuss what we wanted to do for the assignment, we all agreed that we wanted it to have the german expressionist look. it was something that as a group we felt was an interesting subject. we also discussed other abstract ideas such as "anti-climax" and construction/destruction. as for the lego man, well esme really had a strong desire to include something of the sort, so we threw it all together into a box.

essentially we were supposed to have a "score" or representation of the project and we really didn't have any poster paper, so we drew our score onto the outside of the box and in a way to make the box symbolic, we destroyed it first with fire and then with water. in this way we could discuss the construction/destruction portion of our concept.

originally, the video was supposed to have a sequence that began chaotically, slowed down to complete darkness, and progress once again into chaos.

to be cont. (have class and running late)

sound -- jessie marek and marci williams
choreography -- esme kundanis-grow and heather duran
cinematography -- gustavo h garcia and mara tasker

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