I'm in a hurry because of the time!...end of the competition!!So,a quick description,of my first sound design ,follows including sfxs,plug-ins and sort of my technique.
Generally,I've used:
MetalImpacts with D-Verb and GnatByFastCruis with loAIR for the start.
SccaRacingIntRace,Etracks with Doppler,LoAIR,D-Verb for the exhaustes,AFX Crowd CHEER 3 with D-Verb,GasStoveTurOnIgni ,MetalImpactScrape with loAIR,D-Verb,Veq 4,,MetalScapesBenda with D-Verb and Puma with LoAir for the main exgaust.BigRockHits,for thecamera,GasStoveTurnOnigni-2 tracks-with D-Verb,Q8,H-Comp and doppler,FlashbulbPopsWglas with H-Comp and LoAIR and DoorPushBarWood.
BeepKlaxon for the beeps with D-Verb,LoAIR,Doppler and D-Verb,for cars,Slalom TireSkidPan,SportsCarsCUBys4C,FlashbulbPopsWGlas-with D-Verb,MovingVehicleColl-with Doppler,H-Comp-,Also for a exhaust,ManSnorinWong with cuts,time shift,H-comp,Doppler and D-rever,CanonBlast with cuts,VEQ4,loAIR and D-verb.
For the Heartbeat,Heartbeat fx with a lot of trimmin,time shiftin,pitch shift,Doppler,H-Comp,Q10 and D-Verb.For the breath,GasStoveTurnOnIgni with trimmin,pitch shift,MondMod,Varispeed,Gate,H-Delay,D-Verb,H-Comp and SoundShifter Pitch.
Also,for other sounds,WindShieldSmashes with D-Verb,LoAIR and Doppler mono,DoorPushBarWood with D-Verb,MetalScrapesBends,CrushMetalAut with D-Verb,WindmilElectric with D-Verb,SlalomTireSkidPan,FireSmallFireCracking with Q8,RaceTrachPaScrambl with D-Verb and H-comp,WhooseFemaleBreath,THunderCrackImpact with Loair,D-verb,H-Comp,GnatByLowFastCruise with D-verb and Loair and finally,for the crash,3 tracks with MetalImpactsAdjust with D-Verb,Q8,Doppler,VEQ4 and D-Verb....
That's alll.
Thank you very much for the chance.
Best regards,Tonia P.
Ups!Problem with the upload!
What about the time zone difference?

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