Captured by: Pedro Feria Pino & Nelson Noel Salcedo
Editing & Sound Design: Pedro Feria Pino

*Project 2 was first produced through The Space Program at Five Myles Gallery (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn) under the curation of Ms. Hanne Tierney.

THE AMERICAN LABORATORY is a fledgling art company with special interest in blending the boundaries of the visual and performance arts. With the companyʼs current project, the language of James Joyce provides a historical foundation for their contemporary narrative. This language is plucked from a classic novel and dropped into the original story of three students. The project incorporates video footage of Princetonʼs pastoral campus and a cardboard installation exhibiting the themes of exile, escape, and exit. Through the use of video and scenic installation art, the audience is transported to Princeton University and immersed in the fragmented story of these youths: elite, New England, Ivy-Leaguers incapable of speaking intimately to those they love most. At its core, The American Laboratory constructs innovative site-specific theatre for the Brooklyn art community.

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