Documentary about the platform Nunca Máis in Galicia. The flag, the symbol and the people's movement.

Nunca Máis its a platform created after the environmental catastrophe that occurred in Galicia's sea coast on 2002. The environmental damage caused by the Prestige was most severe in the coast of Galicia, where local activists founded the environmental movement Nunca Máis (Galician for Never Again), to denounce the passiveness of the conservative government regarding the disaster.

The Prestige oil spill was an oil spill off the coast of Galicia caused by the sinking of an oil tanker in 2002. The spill polluted thousands of kilometers of coastline and more than one thousand beaches on the Spanish, French and Portuguese coast, as well as causing great harm to the local fishing industry. The spill is the largest environmental disaster of both Spain's and Portugal's history.

Academic project for the Documentary class (Santiago de Compostela University - 2004)

Credits: Pedro Pinto, Michela Cane, Lucie Hautiere, Jan Krsnak, Daniele Piras, Chiara Vignoli, Federica Zambetti, José Luis Saavedra, Oscar Martinez

Thanks: Plataforma Nunca Máis, Xurxo Lobato, Xosé María Torné

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