This video is a brief introduction to grainstorm, my granular synthesis application for the monome arc. Please take my enthusiasm as genuine, and not some marketing ploy by monome.

The arc isn't for everyone. Also consider the software available at launch: very little. My advice to those on the fence: wait. Also, don't base an arc purchasing decision on grainstorm.

Speech is a rather poor example, and in retrospect, maybe it wasn't a great choice, but I figured I had the soome video to show the more musical side.

Another typical result:

Grainstorm has four independent buffers that can be controlled with the arc. Primarily, you use the arc to scroll through the buffer. A push turn gesture on the same encoder widens the window from which grains are drawn. This isn't really evident in the video. A snapshot of various playback parameters can be stored on the grid monome where the it can be played like an instrument or sequenced with the on board sequencer. You can record live audio into the buffer, or load audio from disk. I'll post grainstorm when the arc starts shipping.

more information on the monome can be found at

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