A lot of television is watched at the tribe HQ and while Laurence and I would love to vlog on all of them, there is just no time. So we decided to do these quick discussions about some of the shows that we watch but that don't really rate on our "repeat discussion list". Similar to how Hawaii Five-0 is just good for stunts and fight scenes, some of the shows we watch are just good enough for the occasional hilarious mention.



1. Haven lured us in and then KICKED us in the nuts
2. Who is that CHICK? Emily Rose .... WE LOVE YOU
3. Laurence gives a MASCULINE example of how you should be when you're on a BAD TV show but you're a good actress.
4. We're tuning in FOR HER ONLY!
5. The show is B.A.D! The show SUCKS!
6. Oh the pain ... the pain ... the PAIN
7. The writing is RIDICULOUS
8. The characters are RIDICULOUS
9. Her partner is DISGUSTING
11. Don't act! This is the SYFY CHANNEL! Stop! Emily you are too good for the show! Stop selling your SOUL!
12. Emily Rose was great in Uncharted (the video game)
13. Emily talks about voice acting in Uncharted.
14. A Great voice actress is CARRYING THE SHOW!
15. I accept Haven as CRAP but I hate wasting my time on crap.
16. ERIC FUCKING UGLY BALFOUR. Let's talk about him.
17. Spoiler: The End Of Skyline
18. Neanderthal. Moonhead. Nasty chin (Bal4 Chin)
19. Eric Balfour is ... Survey Says: DISGUSTING
20. He's so tall his head doesn't fit in the frame.
21. Final thoughts on Haven


2BlackGeeks Presents
"Creaming The Tube"

A Team Heavy Cream Production

Starring: Laurence Willis and Elaine Barlow

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