The ‘Universal UK Brand Films’ were created as a piece of On Air Promotional Material to reinforce the On Air Message – ‘Together We Are Universal’. Using Empathy, Humour, Purpose, & Contemplation as key areas to encompass a ‘Universal Experience’, we set about creating Four Specific Brand Films, which featured unknown actors alongside Programme / Show Footage. The aim to encompass an emotional experience, which everyone of us goes through one way or another. From sharing a special moment to laughter with friends, to appreciating a loved one, to contemplating a decision, the brand films were a visual mechanism emphasising various mood states, alongside our show characters. This was reinforced with copy, which explained each sequence.
The Brand Films were then cut down into individual 5 second Channel Bumpers.

Director – Dan Aldridge, Adam Cole & Yasmin Tukmachi
Design Director – Dan Aldridge
Producer – Claire Coleman-Bee
Head Animator – Dan Aldridge
Animators – David Chaudoir, Samuel Harvey, Andrew Gooch, Antonio Cerullo & Gareth Tansey (Freelancer)
Audio - James Taylor

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