Another World Bank.

Hypothesis :: randomly-triggered & overlapping solo improvisations by musicians who have worked to develop a common, mutually-intelligible improvisational dialect will yield interesting results. Wars might not stop, the hungry might not be fed, but an observer may be transported nonetheless.

solo improvisations by:
Aslaug Holgersen, double bass
Carlos Iturralde, guitars
Juan Sebastiàn Lach Lau, moog synthesizer
Keir Neuringer, saxophone

recorded October/November 2006 at TAG and Studio Loos, The Hague

concept, recording, editing: Keir Neuringer
additional camera: Kasia Olchowska
audio mastering: Ernst van der Loo & Keir Neuringer
thanks: JS Lach, Hiba Vink, TAG, Studio Loos

Another World Bank is a multi-observer audiovisual installation. It performs a unique composition that continues for the duration of the exhibition period. The composition is made up of three independent channels of randomly-ordered, brief solo improvisations. Each solo channel is a different length, thus phasing begins approximately 20 minutes after the installation is turned on.

All three channels are visible & audible to all visitors. The solos were recorded independently, without any rules or agreements about the musical material. Each musician performed up to 50 aphoristic solos, without any knowledge about what the recordings would be used for.

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