Indoor Projection Mapping
NOTA BENE Visual - NetWork, 1001 Direk Cistern / Istanbul, Turkey
February the 17th, 2011

Client: Network

NetWork, an international textile brand from Istanbul, launched its 2011 season with an indoor projection mapping night. The performance venue was a cistern in Istanbul from 4th century which has been constructed during Byzantium Period.

The performance was telling about NetWork's first fragrance ''TimeLess'', new suit up designs for Summer 2011 and this year's brand faces; Patrick Petitjean and Sienna Miller.

NOTA BENE Visual crew mapped the floors, cistern's columns, domes and pile fabric panels at the same time with a special sound design by Joris van Grunsven(Studio Takt), simultaneously at three hallways. The story was telling about the production phase of the new perfume into the cistern and gigantic models invaded the catwalk.

At the final of the TimeLess, perfume part of the performance, the new fragrance were sprayed on the audiences for real.

Project Management: Burak Gölge
Art Director: Ayşegül Kantarcı
A/V Performer: Tevfik R. Gözlükçü
VFX Creative Director: Murat Can Oğuz
Music&Sound Design: Studio Takt

Thanks to: Anıl Ünkaya, Erman Uçaroğlu, Mehmet 'cype' Akçakoca, Mehmed Orhan İhsanoğlu, Sera Dink.

Special Thanks to: Scenario Rock & DVNO for their great music.

4x Macbook Pro
4x Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition
6x Christie LX1500
6x Sanyo LP-XP100L


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