DATE: 2010
MEDIA: 4 minute looped video with surround sound

Over the last decade Maciá has made periodic studies of the king vulture, the largest bird native to Central and South America, held in captivity for public viewing.

Maciá describes: ‘on one of my visits I documented the bird’s desperate routine ritual and his series of habits that are just the same as any animal held in an unjust imprisonment. Time passed, the imprisoned king could only spread his wings to the sun. This King Vulture is held in a prison that gives him no signage, no exit on an island of the Caribbean in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, known as Antilles, Curacao in the capital of Willemstad.’

This looped video poses an endless question of who is given the right to incarcerate another. As humans, what gives us the right to judge them? We think we understand what a bird thinks, but what makes us think we possess them? What gives us the right to deprive a bird from its flight?

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