James Flock, energy entrepreneur, Cleveland, Ohio, describes his enterprise solution - the socialization of energy - focused on personalized Energy Services (like the emerging personalized health care industry) in networked economies.

As an RF engineer, Jim's work experience is deeply rooted in MRI, Antennae and Radio Frequencies. He's applied his expert level skills to understand how communities can fine tune resonance to create signal and optimize energy delivery to only where it is needed.

Jim has thought through how value-based brands with services defined by community can lead to energy efficiency techniques. Understanding how corporations and homeowners prefer to experience energy as members of dynamic community systems, personalized energy delivery can be optimized and precise, efficient techniques developed. Ultimately, brands play a pivotal role in the embodiment of a service provider's energy efficient community culture.

In this in-depth and expansive interview, Jim describes project investment, construction methodology, and deliverables. In addition, Jim shares personal philosophies on information sharing, habits of collaboration, advice for youth working on the web, the value of sharing in networks for the purpose of "giving ahead", and how his enterprise will positively affect education, economic and workforce development, and sustainable communities 50 years from now.

Connect with Jim at Global Definition jamesflock.com/ and on LinkedIn at tiny.cc/h4as5

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